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Application of Agarwood ( Oud)
Application Of Agarwood ( Oud)
July 5, 2018

 This article was writen by Drof. Dinh Xuan Ba

Agarwood is a mystical and precious resinous wood formed in heartwood of Aquilaria tree, an archaic tropical evergreen tree native to Gold of Tonkin, Vietnam and other 14 countries of Asia. Among 26 species of Aquilaria trees that can possibly give Agarwood, the most valuable species is Aquilaria crassna Pierre . Apart from Aquilaria genus, there are also six genera that can probably produce Agarwood: Gyrinops, Gonystylus, Aetoxylon, Phaleria, Wikstroemia, Enkleia in which at least Gyrinops is existing in Vietnam too.


Over 80 years old Aquilaria Crassna Tree in Vietnam -30meter heigh


-The Aquilaria tree generally grows up to 40 meters high and 80 centimeters in diameter. Some wild trees become randomly infected with some parasite fungi or molds and begin to produce Agarwood in heartwood due to immune response to this attack. But this biologic process develops very, very slowly over several tens of years. Not all Aquilaria trees produce agarwood, only approximately 10% of wild mature Aquilaria tree ( from the age of 20 years onwards and with above 40 cm diameter at breast height ) can naturally produce resin. The ecological interaction between the host tree and the fungi and/or molds in order to produce Agarwood is poorly understood. Other factors such as the age of the tree, differences in the tree caused by seasonal variation, environmental variation and genetic variation of Aquilaria trees may also play an important role in agarwood formation.

Over 80 years old Aquilaria Crassna Tree in Vietnam

Newly created scientific achievements and trial treatments implemented by Robert Blanchette, Pheeraphan Wijitphan, Ho Ngoc Vinh, SECOIN Applied Biology Center,…have shown that Agarwood formation can occur in cultivated trees as young as of age by using inducement (or wounding/pathological) technique. After wounding, that is drilling in tree-trunk, they put into drillhole a bio-agent called inducer that consists of special isolated fungi and several biochemicals. After 12-24 months a dark brown and fragrant resinous wood part was observed around injury sites, the quality of such cultivated Agarwood depends on the inducer to be applied.

Mr Tran Bac ( Founder of B&B Plant) and Dr. Tran Hop check the inducer on Aquilaria tree