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We at B & B Plant are agriculturists who work in planting, researching, producing, and trading (wholesale – retail) agarwood products, such as agarwood chips, agarwood incense, agarwood essential oil ( oud oil), agarwood  handicraft, agarwood beads necklaces and bracelets …


Inheriting the family tradition of  agarwood making career, processing for over 30 years, we are passionate and devoted to introduce the high quality agarwood products of Vietnam to the global market.


Slogan: Integrating Ideas
Connecting ideas and breakthroughs in different industries and sectors to create the high quality products that meet the market’s needs.

Vision: Aspiring to build a thriving business based on the combination of knowledge and technology – science – engineering to create a sustainable and closed value chain, with a focus on products related to agarwood.

Mission: Contributing to raise the value of Vietnam’s agarwood products.

Core values: Nature – Human – Harmony – Sustainability.

Nature: Vietnam has the advantage of a tropical rainforest vegetation that is widely distributed; with its nature bestowed with many valuable commodities including agarwood. However, over-exploitation pushes the Aquilaria species to the edge of extinction. In an effort to preserve the Aquilaria trees, B & B plant has been working with farmers in different areas to rehabilitate these kind of trees by using wild seeds.

– Human: B & B Plant determines that the human is the most important factor in the development of the company. We are a consolidated team consists of people who are knowledgeable, experienced, energetic and enthusiastic. Each individual constantly learns every day to improve and develop themselves.

– Harmony: human and nature are inseparable from one another as the nature of life. The harmonizing advantages between nature and human is to contribute to the protection of  Mother Earth, preserving for the next generations.

– Sustainability: from the harmonious combination of people and nature, our goal is to create sustainable values ​​that best benefit our customers, investors, workers, and community.



Website: https://www.bbplantation.com

E-mail: info@bbplantation.com

Phone: +84 2873020230

+84 987304093 (sales)



13 Block K1, Street No. 40, Tan Phong ward, district 7, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Company Type

Corporation Company.


Agarwood chips, agarwood incense, agarwood essential oil (oud oil), agarwood handicraft, crafting artisan agarwood , agarwood beads necklaces and bracelets.